Budgeting for failure?

Haba! What we now wake up to hear is this noise about President Buhari’s fight with Saraki and his people over the 2018 budget. Customers are not here, so even eating is becoming difficult. Ikem, a vehicle spare parts dealer at the popular Ladipo market in Lagos had quipped when one of his friends, Jude, […]

Beggarly parasites: The growing bane of Nigerian urbanities

They are on the streets, at every nooks and crannies, on the major roads, under the bridges, in shanties, in the traffic, you can’t miss them. They come in different faces, colour and caliber, age and sex is no barrier, and you see them with little children, twins and triplets. Many even pretend to be […]

Shutting out the crowd

Ibrahim Ahmadu is a farmer who lives in Gujeni community in Kaduna State. He is worried that he cannot go to the bank like his friends in other villages because there is no bank in Gujeni “Gaskiya, there is no bank here,” Ahmadu said. The location of the bank is far from our village. After […]

Playing safe in a turbulent investment environment

Nornah Awoh, equity analyst, says every market has its cycle. He was speaking about the fluctuations in Nigeria’s stock market and the fact that the market has done well in recent times. The Nigerian stock market closed on a positive note last year. However, there was some volatility in the market in February as market […]