The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Tuesday reported that households paid lesser for kerosene in July with the average price per litre decreasing by -1.00 percent month-on-month and -1.29 percent year-on-year when compared with the commodity’s price in June.

Specifically, users paid N276.87 for a litre of the commodity in July 2018 down from the N279.67 it was purchased in June.

The NBS in its latest National Household Kerosene Watch reported that when analysed on state-by-state basis, consumers in Yobe, Nassarawa and Bayelsa states paid highest for the item. For instance, while the highest average price per litre of kerosene stood at N310 in Yobe, Nassarawa and Bayelsa consumers purchased a litre at N306.19 and N304.72 respectively.

According to the report states with the lowest average price per litre of kerosene were Kogi where consumers paid N238.89 per litre, Borno consumers paid N236.67 per litre compared to Abia consumers who purchased the commodity at N227.50 per litre during the month under review.

The Bureau reported further that the average price per gallon paid by consumers for kerosene in July decreased by -0.41 percent month-on-month and increased by 1.76 percent year-on-year to N1,000.19 from N1,004.29 in the preceding month.

A further analysis of the report indicated that Borno, Jigawa and Bauchi States paid the highest average price per gallon of kerosene during the month. While Borno consumers paid N1,130.00 per gallon for the commodity in July, their counterparts in Jigawa and Bauchi paid N1,115.38 and N1,070.00 per gallon respectively.

The NBS reported that Rivers, Delta and Oyo State consumers paid the lowest average price per gallon for kerosene at N921.05, N900.73 and N900.59 respectively.