World food prices dropped in September from the month before, with only sugar posting a rise.

In the latest Food Index Report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO), the monthly changes for a basket of cereals, oilseeds, dairy products, meat and sugar, averaged 165.4 points in the month under review.

The figure is against a marginally revised 167.7 in the preceding month, which was previously given as 167.6.

FAO stated in the report that global cereals output in 2018 would rise to about 2.591 billion tonnes, up three million tonnes on the previous forecast.

However, the projected output is still 63 million tonnes, or 2.4 per cent, lower than the 2017 record production level.

FAO’s forecast for world wheat production in 2018 was almost unchanged on 722.4 million tonnes, the lowest in five year.