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Hackers intensify prowl, experts caution smart phone users on new tricks


As the global information technology-driven data and other critical information exchange highway (Internet) continues to offer new options at supersonic speed, experts have cautioned users to explore the opportunities with caution in view of the emerging associated risks.

For instance, latest findings by technology security experts indicate that just a three-minute handling of a user’s phone by a fraudster/hacker could expose such user to unimaginable losses in terms of data exposures, including critical financial security details.

Speaking on how the latest ICT prowlers perfect their games in a trending view shared across WhatsApp platform, the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Fintech, Saket Modi, exposed that antics of the fraudsters during his engagement with participants at a forum.

The industry top shot explained that accessing critical information on a smart phone by a fraudster could take not more than 20 seconds, warning users to be wary of handing their phones to others.

According to him, the trick involves getting a phone from its user and tracking his/her e-mail provider or DP password after which a fraudster could use these information to access the user’s facebook account, Twitter or LinkedIn details as well as reset his entire phone applications, passwords or complete anything tech.

The Fintech boss clarified: “Let’s talk about the real act and let’s see what the real act is right now, right here. So that you understand the intensity of how and what impact real hackers that are hacking mail of the likes of you. I will like to ask you a question: How many of you use smart phone here, can I see hands? Everybody! How many of you think you are smart enough to use smart phones? Can I see hands? Oh, three of them.

“So, reality check-down is not for all of you but for the three of you. I’m sure you now understand how the smart phone has been outsmarting you for a very long, long time. But then, let’s now try to understand what the smart hacker can do with the smart phones been used smartly by you: who will volunteer his phone for the demonstration of the hack?

“He collected the phone and returned within three minutes. I’m sure you didn’t know what I’ve done with your phone within three seconds? Within that shot time his phone was with me, I have captured everything on that smart phone and I was able to display everything on the screen.

“All I need is 20 seconds recording through his phone and with that, I have got everything on his phone. Imagine this, if you have a Gmail ID or DP password on your phone, I have access to all. With this, I have access to his facebook account, twitter and his LinkedIn. So, 20 seconds of his phone in my hand, I was able to reset his entire phone applications and passwords and complete anything tech. It can be done; if I can do it”, Modi added.