A widow, Yakubu Alimetu, has demonstrated that application of financial intelligence coupled with individual experience is a major solution to poverty reduction, employment generation and economic development.

Alimetu, who lives in Oze-Anikuroko community, Nagazi Ward in Adavi local government area, Kogi State, was at a time, not able to buy threads to weave clothe and so took threads on credit now become an employer of labour against odds.

Reports indicated that she was selected by the community for a monthly support of N5, 000 and with brainpower, resilient and commitment; she was able to return back to making varieties of popular traditional weaving clothe called ‘Aso Oke’ business.

The determined Alimetu, narrated how she was not able to buy threads to weave and so took threads on credit. But with determination, taking threads on credit did not afford her the luxury of having varieties or keeping stock for intending buyers.

However, after weaving and selling, she was often not able to make enough to feed on, pay and buy threads so; she was ever taking credit and making one per time.

Having realized her exceptional weaving skills, she was nominated and selected by the community to benefit from its N5, 000 cash supports for the artisans in the community and with such gesture, Alimetu was able to buy enough threads to expand the scope her business.

As at the time of filing this story, Alimetu is said to have become an employer of labour with further reports indicating presence of two ladies weaving and sewing for her.

When you see the change brought about by so little, you begin to wonder if you are looking around enough to see those you might use that N5, 0000 to change their lives, Alimetu recounted her experience while trying to make both ends meet.


Photo by Tola Akinmutimi