The Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, says it is working on alternative energy sources to boost power supply in the country.

Its Chairman, Prof. James Momoh, made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Igarra, Edo.

“We are working on other options of energy supply so that we don’t have to always rely on power from Egbin, Afam or Sapele.

“That is why now, we are working and making sure there is network to transfer long distance power to other parts of the country.

“With respect to renewable energy, God has given us wind and solar energy in Nigeria, sunshine which can be turned into energy.

“We have investors, even Nigerians themselves who are interested in getting involved in the business of energy production, we have regulations that allow them to do so.

“So if you know somebody who wants to engage in distributing power, marketing power, making money, we are the people that will authorize such persons.

“Already some other states have taken advantage of that,” Momoh said.

The NERC chairman said that the commission is committed to ensuring that Nigerians have access to power and every home is metered.

“First of all, we have sufficient power and accessible power for everyone who want to use power and buy.

“So we are metering, we are regulating; every Nigerian home must be metered so you don’t pay for energy you did not use. Nobody should be given estimated bills.

“We are a commission which solves problem legally, the law is in place to make sure every home is metered and if you are willing to access power, you need to be metered and pay,” he said.

On the power supply problem in Igarra, Momoh said the effort is on to enhance supply.

“We are working and making sure there is network to transfer long distance power to Igarra; that is what we just did in Okpella.

“Okpella had been in darkness, we have solved their problem, they will no longer be in darkness.

“Igarra too, we are going to solve their problem, we are going to make sure that power from Okpella gets to this place,” he added. (NAN)