Home News Power generation up 8,687Mw in December, boosts supply

Power generation up 8,687Mw in December, boosts supply


The total power generated by the power generation companies in the
country increased by 8,686.6 megawatts (MW) in December 2018, thereby raising the transmitted power during the month to 125,346.4 mw up from the 116,659.8 mw recorded in the preceding month.

According to data provided by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), a total of 125,346.4mw was generated during the month in review.

The data produced by the Nigerian Electricity System Operator (SO), at of the TCN, showed that  the Nigerian Independent Power Projects (NIPP) generated 8,686.6 mw into the national grid as against 116, 659.8mw generated between Nov. 2 and Nov. 30, 2018.

A further analysis of the generated power on daily basis indicated
that the total power generated between Dec. 1 and Dec. 15, 2018 stood at 4,124.8mw, 4,176mw, 4,031.3mw, 4,220mw, 4,295.1mw, 4,396.5mw, 4,190.9mw, 4,276.3mw, 4,078.5mw, 4,151.3mw, 4,343mw, 4,344.5mw, 3,948.4mw, 4,060.3mw and 4,197.3mw respectively.

The report showed also that daily power generated from Dec. 16 to Dec.
2018 were 4,034 mw, 3,802.1mw, 4,130mw, 4,126.6mw, 4,331.6mw, 4,971.5mw, 3,950mw, 4,402.2mw 4,214.3mw, 4,162mw, 4,039.9mw,
4,176.5mw, 4,015.5mw 4,092mw and 4,064mw respectively.

According to the report, the power generated during the month in
review was transmitted to 11 distribution companies (Discos).

The TCN stated further that the national power peak demand forecast
stood at 19,100.00mw, the installed available capacity was 11,165.40mw while the transmission capacity and network operational capacity are 7,000 mw and 5,500.00mw respectively.

The company reported also that the peak generation ever attained in the country was 5,222.3mw, while the maximum energy ever attained stood at 109,372.01mwh.